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Lower Marsh Distillery is the vision of our two Directors Steve Knight and Corey Hazelwood. Meeting at their regular day jobs, the two didn’t hit it off straight away. Steve is the ultimate perfectionist while Corey is more a fly by the seat of my pants man. However a discovered love of brewing led to many late night conversations about alcohol and how to make it. Soon talking turned to action.

With the luxury of owning their own farms, came some pleasing discoveries for Steve and Corey. Firstly, water! A natural Tasmanian highland spring was discovered and the water turned out to be pure. Second, the land and the ability to plant and grow barley. And lastly the space for a Distillery.

Armed with hammers and drills, the men built the Distillery themselves. They enlisted the help of their elders, wives, children, electricians and plumbers. The Distillery is now fully built and functional.

Next on the journey came the Still. Luckily for the gents, a distant cousin (also conveniently a boiler maker/welder) agreed to build them a Still and Condensor to their specifications. The lovely gentle giant Gozzie knocked up the Still in a matter of months.

Finally, after two years of the vision being vied, the Distillery has filled its first barrels due for release in 2021.